Retribution: Book 3 RELEASED!

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 In Vendetta; Book 2, Charlie Vega revealed a shocking family secret, that dramatically changed everyone’s lives! Now in Retribution; Book 3, new evidence surfaces that makes them question everything they’d just been told!

Everything happens for a reason…

When the US military raid an infamous Pirate’s lair off the coast of Africa, the FBI discovers horrifying evidence that proves the thieves had collected more than just material possessions.

Sometimes deep dark secrets don’t stay hidden…

News Anchor and Correspondent, Courtney Curwin, has had no time to process her newfound family drama before being plunged into the Somalia camp nightmare. While on location and covering the legendary story, she notices something in one of the huts, that not only sends chills down her spine but has her working up a theory that is just too incomprehensible to believe!

When you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves…

The notorious mob boss, Victor Rocha, was so consumed in his quest to wipe out Everett Calhoun and his bloodline, that his careless actions landed him in a federal prison, where he was shanked to death a few months later. With the mobster dead and his irrational daughter behind bars for life, everything should go back to normal, right?

Just when you think it’s all over, that will be the beginning